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Overcoming Obstacles: How Benjamin Kaziyev Secured Financing For An Worldwide Investor In Murray Hill, NY

Our borrower, a self-employed worldwide lawyer from Kosovo, sought financing for a rental at Madison Avenue in Murray Hill, NY. Regardless of being a financially sound investor, the borrower confronted hurdles attributable to their nationality and property kind.

Given the borrower’s worldwide standing, the mortgage kind required was a International Nationwide mortgage. The sort of mortgage is tailor-made for non-U.S. residents or everlasting residents trying to spend money on American actual property. Nonetheless, issues arose as a result of borrower’s nationality. The preliminary problem surfaced when the lender deemed Kosovo, the borrower’s dwelling nation, as a red-flagged nation. Regardless of verbal assurances of approval, the lender finally refused to proceed, citing issues over lending to people from flagged international locations.

As if that wasn’t sufficient, a essential concern emerged simply two days earlier than the scheduled closing. The title firm, answerable for offering insurance coverage for the mortgage, immediately declared their lack of ability to take action. This surprising improvement jeopardized all the course of, threatening the borrower’s deposit and casting a shadow of uncertainty over the deal. Including to the complexity, switching to a brand new title firm resulted in a clerical error concerning the mortgage quantity, prompting a fraud test from the financial institution. Given the strict 48-hour closing coverage post-clear-to-close (CTC), time turned essential, with any delay probably inflicting important repercussions for the borrower.

Within the face of adversity, Benjamin Kaziyev demonstrated outstanding resourcefulness and agility to salvage the state of affairs. Recognizing the urgency, the choice was made to change banks swiftly to at least one that didn’t categorize Kosovo as a red-flagged nation, thus eliminating the first impediment. Moreover, Benjamin’s proactive strategy ensured seamless coordination between events concerned. Regardless of the hiccup with the title firm, swift motion was taken to rectify the error and forestall additional issues. The financial institution’s dedication to honoring the unique CTC deadline performed a pivotal function in making certain a well timed closing, saving the borrower from potential monetary losses.


The profitable closure of this mortgage deal underscores the significance of getting a seasoned skilled like Benjamin Kaziyev in your nook. His potential to navigate advanced challenges with finesse and discover progressive options demonstrates the worth of experience within the mortgage lending business.

Ultimately, what might have been a frightening ordeal was a testomony to perseverance and diligence. By way of strategic decision-making and unwavering dedication to his consumer’s wants, Benjamin exemplifies the caliber of service that MortgageDepot prides itself on delivering. This success story serves as a beacon of hope for debtors navigating the intricate panorama of actual property financing, reminding us that with the correct steerage, even essentially the most daunting challenges could be overcome.

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